About Us

Welcome to Reid's Boutique. We are an honest, family ran business located in The United States. We started out as a small business selling clothing online about 7 years ago on a host forum. We soon discovered that we were very passionate about it, so we left the host forum and created our own online boutique known today as Reid's Boutique. We strive to please each and every customer by providing great customer service as well as quality merchandise. Reid's Boutique offers high quality fashion for the whole family, as well as, shoes and handbags at affordable prices. Reid's Boutique delivers around the world, so that everyone no matter your location can enjoy our fashionable merchandise. Our customers are at the heart of our unique business model, which includes production, distribution  and sales throughout  our extensive retail network. Here at Reid's Boutique we believe in putting our customers first, and making sure that each and every customer has an excellent shopping experience.


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